St. Leon (Srbots Ghevontiants) Armenian Cathedral - ՍՐԲՈՑ ՂԵՒՈՆԴՅԱՆՑ ՄԱՅՐ ՏԱՃԱՐ

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St. Leon (Srbots Ghevontiants) Armenian Cathedral - ՍՐԲՈՑ ՂԵՒՈՆԴՅԱՆՑ ՄԱՅՐ ՏԱՃԱՐ

This informative brochure highlights the offerings of St. Leon (Srbots Ghevontiants) Armenian Cathedral, the spiritual center of the Western Diocese.  

Today, the Cathedral has become the heart of the Armenian community of Los Angeles wherein thousands on a weekly basis flock the House of the Heavenly Father to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A number of missions for adults, youth and children are realized within the sacred walls of the Cathedral.

In addition to the Sacraments and services being performed (including those of Holy Baptism, Holy Matrimony, the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, Requiem Service, etc.,) the Cathedral is also home to Bible Study classes (Monday evenings), Christian Study Courses an in-depth curriculum dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Christ, our Lord and promoting Christian values (Wednesday evenings), Armenian School (Saturday mornings), Gospel readings (Sunday mornings), art exhibitions and lectures showcasing Armenian culture and history at the Zorayan Museum, conferences and seminars, television shows, and family counseling services. New missions and projects are added yearly in order to cater to the religious and spiritual needs of the community.

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