Studies in Armenian Church: Origins, Doctrine, Worship

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28 January 2022
Studies in Armenian Church: Origins, Doctrine, Worship

The content of the second and revised edition of the present volume is a collection of introductory studies pertaining to issues relative to the origin and the formation of the Armenian Apostolic Church, its history, doctrine, and worship. Those studies were at one point or another read at symposiums conducted in the Eastern, Canadian, and the Western Dioceses of North America. The present edition is to Commemorate the newly-built Mother Cathedral of the Western Diocese.  

The intent of this publication is to awaken interest in our present generation on matters of importance, albeit archaic, which have somehow been overlooked, forgotten, or even ignored. They will serve to search at a glance the origins and the development of the Armenian historical, religious, devotional, and cultural heritage, bringing into focus the integrity and the continuity of the pertinent subjects, so as to make us explore one more time the antiquity of our heritage with a modern approach, under the light, if not against, of recent current of globalization, a tendency entirely foreign, and for sure harmful, to the national and religious identity of the Armenian Church. 

By:Fr. Zaven Arzoumanian, Ph.D.
Number Of Pages:144
Publisher:Western Diocese of the Armenian Church