30 January 2020
Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund

By assisting deserving young men and women of Armenian descent in achieving a secondary and undergraduate school education, the Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund further awards scholarships to help fill unmet financial needs of students in the pursuit of educational opportunities. Our desire is to ensure that no deserving scholar in our community be deprived of an education due to an unmet financial need.

Our ultimate vision is to mold leaders to be of service to the global community of faith. We desire that The Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund recipients demonstrate Christ-like character, competence and commitment through leadership in their churches, communities and professions. We aspire to mentor and serve our students in a manner that nurtures strength of character and Christian community.

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own" Ben Sweetland


Students may become recipients of The Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship by demonstrating commitment to excellence in their studies; by volunteering within their community and church; and demonstrating financial need.

The Scholarship shall be awarded to three outstanding students at various times of the school year:

1) Prior to school matriculation: to an exemplary student whose family is in financial need

2) Middle of the School Year: Middle or High School student who shall demonstrate outstanding essay composition skills (must be written in Armenian).

3) During High School Commencement Ceremony: to a High School graduate who is recommended/chosen by the High School Armenian language teacher.