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Armenian Church Youth Organization
Committee Chair:Victoria Amran




The ACYO was established by the late Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan in 1946 for the Dioceses of North America to build a venue through which young Armenian Americans could grow within the context of the Armenian Church and hold fast to the values of their people.

The purpose of this venerable organization is to integrate its members into the life of the church by providing opportunities for Worship, Service, Education, and Fellowship in Christ according to the doctrines and traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

With each generation, the organization strives to develop the tools to address the ever changing nature of American culture and adapt to communicate the true meaning of Christ’s message and value of our Armenian Apostolic faith.

Inspired by Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan’s vision, Primate Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, initiated the Pan-ACYO in the summer of 2008 bringing together the Armenian youth from across the globe. Besides the regional meetings throughout the year, the Pan-ACYO holds its annual convention in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.