Mer Hooys - House of Hope Mer Hooys - House of Hope- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church

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Mer Hooys - House of Hope
Committee Chair:Adrienne L. Krikorian

Mer Hooys’s mission is provide opportunities to girls from disadvantaged lifestyles in Armenia so they may achieve a productive and secure future. Our program provides qualified girls with a comfortable and safe home, a family environment, psychological and educational support. The girls receive instruction in languages, social skills, community relations, arts, religion, health and life skills, and job skills training. They go to public schools, and receive the additional educational programs and tutoring after school and during the summer. Additionally for those girls who have a living parent, the program works toward eventual healthy family reunification by integrating available parents into the Mer Hooys program. Without programs like Mer Hooys, girls from depressed social backgrounds in Armenia have little hope for a bright future. Instead, they inevitably fall into lives of prostitution, human trafficking, homelessness, and victims of domestic violence. Mer Hooys, which is an independent 501c3 non profit organization in California, is a legal institution under the protection of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin in Armenia and is a valued program of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America.