30 January 2020
Association of Armenian Church Choirs (AACWD)
Committee Chair:Sevag Derderian

In order to ensure uniformity in performing the liturgical hymns of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Association of Armenian Church Choirs of Western Diocese (AACCWD) was founded  in 2003, imme- diately after the election of Archbishop Hovnan Derderian as the Diocesan Primate.

The main objective of this association is to promote the teaching of the sacred music of the Armenian Church, encouraging choirs to learn and adhere to the liturgical rites, canons, and traditions im- parted to us by the church fathers.

In 2007, through the arduous efforts of AACCWD, the Western Diocese published  a Book of Liturgical  Hymns especially for its Choirs. Three years later, an audio CD was released for the Diaco- nate of the Diocese. Additionally, at the initiative of AACCWD, the Western Diocese released a CD of the Divine Liturgy as arranged by Komitas Vardapet.

Besides regular meetings and its annual convention, the association organizes regional workshops to assist local choirs within the Diocese.

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