30 January 2020
Etchmiadzin Children's Fund
Committee Chair:Mr. Sayat Oruncakciel

For almost two decades, the Etchmiadzin Children's Fund has pursued a most noble and God-pleasing task, namely to assist orphans and needy children of Armenia. These disadvantaged yet brilliant children are unprepared to face life's challenges, for they become dependent upon the bits of charity and benevolence. The ECF had a successful 2014 raising nearly $90,000 for disadvantaged children in Armenia.

It was exactly for this reason that we have undertaken the sponsorship of 3 kindergartens in Gegharkunik region, in the remote bordering villages, in addition to our 256 beneficiaries. The ECF succeeds as a result of generous faithful who share our concern and Christian values.

With your generous sponsorship, you can give a child life’s basic necessities and the hope for a brighter future. Please remember that the support we provide to needy children will be repaid with the blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Etchmiadzin Children’s Fund is chaired by Mr. Sayat Oruncakciel.