21 January 2020
Hye Camp 5 Year Capital Improvement Campaign
Published - 15 December 2016

Be a part of what makes Our Camp great!  Please support the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America and its Camp Board of Directors in making improvements to Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian Camp for the benefit of Hye Camp and our community.  For over 50 years, Hye Camp has been a spiritual and cultural experience for the Armenian youth of the Western Diocese. 

Capital Improvements include:

Chapel and Retreat Center

2 New Camper Cabins

2 Staff Cabins Renovations

Lodge Renovations

Clergy Cabin Renovations

New Multi-Suite Staff/Guest Quarters

Road Repairs in Camp

Project Descriptions:

The Chapel and Retreat Center is a multipurpose building and will be the heart of Hye Camp.  It will house the Camp Office with a supply room designated specifically for Hye Camp and greatly needed additional restrooms.  The main section of the building is a multipurpose room with state of the art audio/visual equipment to provide updated classroom experiences and community meetings.  The multipurpose room will be an alternative for activities when the weather is not outdoor friendly.  The eastern most section of the building will be an altar with adjacent vestment and sacristy rooms.  Badarak will be held here each week of Hye Camp.  The Hye Camp curriculum always includes teachings of the Badarak and the altar will bring these lessons to life. 

In 2016, the Camp Committee had to turn away campers.  The 2 new camper cabins will allow Hye Camp to add up to 30 additional campers each week.  This will allow 120 additional campers to attend Hye Camp and equivalent to extending the camp season for a 5th week.

Our 2 Staff Cabins house 8 people but there is only one bathroom in each.  We will add a ¾ bathroom to each for more comfort and convenience for the volunteers and renters.  We will update flooring, freshen up interior and repair exterior.

Lodge renovations will include new deck boards and Sun Sails, Nurse Station upgrades and ADA restroom.  The dining hall flooring was replaced in 2016.

The Clergy Cabin aka Srpazan’s Cabin is home to our clergy, deacons and visiting teachers during Hye Camp.  There can be up to 6 people sharing this cabin and only one restroom.  We will add a ¾ bathroom, update existing bathroom, upgrade electrical, update the kitchen and replace the back deck.  We have recently upgraded the flooring throughout.

In 2013, the four-plex was built and has become the desired accommodations for our staff and renters.  Each room sleeps 4 and has its own full bath.  There are 2 duplexes that can be replaced by an additional four to eight room staff house.  This additional staff house will provide comfortable accommodations for our Armenian community and renters to be at camp to conveniently use the lodge and new retreat center.

Interior camp roads will be repaved.  Specifically behind lodge and around Ketchoyan Lake.