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22 May 2024

Summer 2024 Online Education for Kids!
Published - 5 April 2024

Our non-profit is proud to offer a comprehensive summer music curriculum for students this summer! This weekly program will meet live on Zoom and further materials, resources, and activities will be made available in our digital classroom (Moodle Classroom).

Students will learn elementary music notation, fundamentals, Armenian Church hymns, and have the ability to meet with students across the United States. We aim to bridge the gap between all fifty-states and invite parents/guardians to register today. Lifelong friendships with fellow faithful from across the country are what we hope to offer through our distance learning program.

This program is free to all students! We encourage parents/guardians to join us as we learn all about Armenian Sacred Music this summer!

Please share this with your fellow family, friends, and parish members.

See you in class!