Armenia is our Mission Armenia is our Mission- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church
12 September 2021
Armenia is our Mission
Published - 18 June 2021

With prayers and with faith we humble ourselves before the sacred and holy offering graced upon us by God. This is that moment, more than any other in history, where we must be guided by the Love and Wisdom of God, so that we may offer Armenia to future generations. The ultimate imperative is, that we love and respect one another, that we look and find the image of God in one another, and that we deepen the vision of Armenia within our souls. Therefore, it is our call and our invitation, that together, we pray to God, and solidify our spiritual and national life. Let us be awake and expressive of the Christian ideals.


The soil is not only that upon which we walk, but it is the dust of the bones of our past, from which comes a vision along with the message of vigilance and spiritual renewal.


Let us have the courage to read within the souls of our people the words of our Lord as spiritual nourishment, “Do not be afraid; only believe and be saved!” (Luke 8:50)


“O Lord our God, listen to the voice of supplications of Your servants and keep unshaken the Republic of Armenia, which You restored through the grace of Your mercy.


Hold out Your most generous merciful hand and bless our entire people, namely the Armenian nation, and the Armenian Church, so that a spirit of love, peace, understanding and divine worship would rest upon them. Amen.”





Archbishop Hovnan Derderian