Evening Prayers during the Pandemic Evening Prayers during the Pandemic- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church
Evening Prayers during the Pandemic
Published - 9 July 2020

Prayer is the cornerstone of the Christian life. According to Archbishop Hovnan, “Prayer is the root of an honest and righteous life. A constantly praying person would turn his life to an ever-flowing spring of goodness and righteousness.”  

Since Apostolic times, the Church has led people to prayer and in prayer.  While many things have changed during the past few months, this fundamental and essential role of the church remains unaltered. Services are being streamed to give our congregations opportunities to participate while physically distanced. In June, we began daily prayer services under the banner, “Seven invitations to Prayer.” The reaction has been tremendous with followers numbering in the thousands.

This month, the invitation to prayer is coming from our youth. Every evening, young members of our church are pronouncing prayers, hymns and the spirit of the Armenian Church in an effort to connect with the Divine. Services for peace, for the sick, for young families, for forgiveness are all part of the celebration on-line.

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