A talk from the heart… A must watch and listen A talk from the heart… A must watch and listen- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church
A talk from the heart… A must watch and listen
Published - 9 June 2020

When I listened to last Sunday morning’s talk from the heart by Father Vazken Movsesian, I immediately reacted to it with a thought of gratitude. Father Vazken is a pro-active and visionary spiritual leader of the Western Diocese, who for decades has inspired our faithful with his uplifting messages and always relating the Word of God to our everyday life.

In his talk from the heart, Fr. Vazken calls on us all to observe the flow of protest movements, leads us to prepare ourselves for the just response and responsibility. He then urges the listener to have a change of heart and increasing sensitivity.

What I have learned in from his inspirational message is that God has entrusted us all to correct our behavior and act respectfully for all human lives regardless of color and ethnicity. Truly, in this civilized world, it is not permissible to hurt each other, for each of us carries God within our hearts and souls. Humanity has failed to fulfill the law of God, love for all and has retracted in the promise to render respect for humanity.

All life is precious in the sight of God. Unless we abide with this call, then there will be no more peace in our hearts. God is the Creator of the universe. God is neither white nor black. God is the source of all lives and all lives matter.

The time has come for us to become gentle watchdogs for one another and to lead each other with divine love.

The essence of Father Vazken’s call is strong and genuine: “Do not dismantle the beauty of the world. Let God unite us all in one family.”

A talk from the heart. A must watch and listen.

Archbishop Hovnan Derderian


June 8, 2020