Sasnashen 1958-2019 presentation at Western Diocese Sasnashen 1958-2019 presentation at Western Diocese- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church
Sasnashen 1958-2019 presentation at Western Diocese
Published - 14 November 2019

On November 12, at the request of His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, "Sasnashen 1958-2019" was presented at the Western Diocese with Fr. Vazken Movsesian sharing the stories and adventures of the past year. From a gathering at Offutt AirForce Base in Nebraska last year to the opening of the Sasnashen Youth Center in Talin, Armenia last month, he chronicled the history that led to the events and opening of the center. 

In 1958, the Soviet Union shot down US AirForce C-130 #60528 which came down in Sasnashen, Armenia. On the 60th Anniversary of the shoot-down the Prop Wash Gang presented a framed a piece of the plane's tale. At the gathering, the framed tale-piece was officially presented to His Eminence for inclusion in the Diocesan museum.   

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As a post-script to the story, Fr. Vazken announced that early that same day the new church in upper Sasnashen was officially consecrated as the Holy Vartanants church. Pictured below