21 January 2020
Diocesan Primate Hosts Stewardship Reception
Published - 12 July 2019

More than 40 friends and supporters of the Diocesan Stewardship Program attended the appreciation dinner at the Primate’s residence on Thursday, July 11, 2019. Among the clergy in attendance were Archpriest Fr. Manoug Markarian, the Rev. Fr. Khajag Shahbazyan and the Rev. Fr. Serovbe Alanjian.

In his welcoming remarks, the Primate thanked the honorable guests for their kind presence and steadfast support of the noble mission that is the Stewardship Program, calling it “one of the dearest missions at the Diocese.” “Since 2008, seven young priests, all graduates of the Program have taken on challenging roles of leading the flock of Christ. A number of other priests, all beneficiaries of the Stewardship Program had been invited to serve at the Western Diocese. The Stewardship Program has also supported mission parishes in carrying out the mission of the Armenian Apostolic Church” continued Archbishop Derderian. His Eminence also expressed his wholehearted gratitude to the members of the Stewardship Committee chaired by Mr. Derik Ghookasian for their loyal service and firm belief in the noble and God-pleasing mission.

Words of gratitude to the Stewardship Committee were expressed by the Rev. Fr. Serovbe Alanjian. Heartfelt remarks were delivered by Archpriest Fr. Manoug Markarian and Stepan Khzrtian, Founding Partner of Legal Lab Boutique, who encouraged the attendees to fully engage in the mission of preparing the spiritual leaders of tomorrow.

Stewardship Committee Chair Mr. Derik Ghookasian reflected on the success of the Stewardship Program since its revitalization in 2004. Mr. Ghookasian, who was appointed by the Primate as the Chairman earlier this year, noted that contributions to the Stewardship Program ensure the vivacity of the Western Diocese by preparing and training promising Priesthood-Candidates who would one day join the ranks of the fine clergymen of the Diocese. Proceeds from the event will benefit the education of Diocesan priesthood candidates, mission parishes as well the recruitment of the Youth Director of the Western Diocese.

In appreciation of their selfless service, the Primate presented a mniature icon painting to Life Stewards of the Stewardship Program Mr. and Mrs. Krikor and Vartouhi Tcholakian and expressed his wholehearted gratitude for their noble endeavor of sponsoring the reception. His Eminence commended their dedication and loyal support of the noble mission throughout the years.