Divine Liturgy in Boise, Idaho Divine Liturgy in Boise, Idaho- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church
Divine Liturgy in Boise, Idaho
Published - 26 April 2018

By arrangement of the Primate of the Western Diocese, Abp. Hovnan Derderian, the Holy Divine Liturgy was celebrated in Boise, Idaho on Sunday, April 22. Fr. Vazken Movsesian was the guest celebrant assisted by Deacon Sevan Palanjian. 

While still in the Easter Season and on the eve of Genocide Commemoration, the message of the day was one of resurrection and hope. Fr. Vazken emphasized the importance of congregating as a Christian community. Citing the text from Matthew 18:20, Fr. Vazken invited the congregation to see the importance of "two or three gathering in His name" as opposed to a singular/personal experience. "The Church is that gathering of people celebrating the resurrection and the love of Christ."

Services took place at the Greek Orthodox Church in Boise. Mark Abajian and several of the community members organized a nice reception/gathering after services where the a warm fellowship took place.