Suffering and Hope: An Evening of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide and Human Atrocities Suffering and Hope: An Evening of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide and Human Atrocities- Western Diocese of the Armenian Church

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22 May 2024

Suffering and Hope: An Evening of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide and Human Atrocities
Published - 15 March 2018

In the spirit of community unity, you are cordially invited to attend a city-wide event entitled, “Suffering and Hope:  An Evening of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide and Human Atrocities” on Saturday, March 24th at First Baptist Church located at 209 N Louise Street in Glendale, partnering with Azusa Pacific University Chorale and Orchestra, Azusa Pacific University Armenian Student Union, an Armenian Children’s Choir, religious leaders and the leaders of the city of Glendale in order to remember, reflect on and respond to the crisis of human suffering.

The “Suffering and Hope” event will include the following opportunities:

Beginning at , an Art Gallery of exhibits promoting the work of artists reflecting the Armenian Genocide will open to the general public and be hosted in the Music Suitefor the evening under the leadership of Arts Coordinator, Ms. Alisa

From , a symposium entitled, “The Global Crisis of Human Suffering:  Where Do We Go From Here?” will be presented by panelistsfrom the religious and social justice communityin the Chapel.

“The Global Crisis of Human Suffering:  Where Do We Go From Here?”

Symposium on Human Atrocities and the Human Spirit 

“The Realities of Human Atrocities and the Indelible Faith that Moves Us Through and Beyond Them” by Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Fr. Movsesian is a priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church serving in the Western Diocese of the North America for the last four decades. In this presentation, Fr. Movsesian will discuss the movement from the human atrocities that produce death, defeat and victimization toward the human spirit of faith that produces transformative living and justice.

 “Experiencing the Global Crisis of Human Suffering Up Close and Personal” by Dr. Yvette Hovsepian-Bearce

Dr. Yvette Hovsepian-Bearce is a Middle East scholar specializing in contemporary Iranian politics. Hovsepian-Bearce’s work also focuses on comparative studies of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Since 2015, Hovsepian Bearce has dedicated herself to her humanitarian work in response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

In this presentation, Dr. Hovsepian-Bearce will discuss the intimacy of human suffering as seen through human eyes and the invitation of our responses to such real suffering.

“Embracing a World  House Perspective” by Dr. Shane Kinston

Dr. Kinnison is an ordained clergy with American Baptist Churches – USA and serves as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Glendale, California and a lifelong student of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent conflict reconciliation philosophy.  In this presentation, Dr. Kinnison will discuss the importance of developing a broader peripheral world view that makes room for those who suffer and calls the community to meaningful actions.


This symposium is open to the general public at no cost and is limited to the first 80 persons who register as it will be hosted in themore intimate Church Chapel.

In order to register for the symposium, please go the following link: 

For those 80 persons who register to attend the symposium, there will be a complimentary reception from  in the Norman Room where attendees can interface with the panelists and view additional art exhibits.

Beginning at  in the historic Sanctuary of First Baptist Church, the Azusa Pacific University Chorale and Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. John Simons, will present an evening concert entitled, “Requiem for the Living” along with presentations from the Azusa Pacific University Student Union, the Armenian Children’s Choir, and greetings from Glendale leaders and dignitaries.The concert is open to the general public and advanced registration is not required.

​Remember to register: