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06 December 2019
The Church of Armenia: Historiography, Theology, Ecclesiology, History, Ethnography

Specialized and diversified studies are included in this book from historiography to theology, and from ecclesiology to ethno-graphy, most of them little known to the public. Sources from antiquity are explored, such as the earliest reported and verified theological source known as the Seal of Faith by Catholicos Komitas (7th c.). Also, the Geography of Ancient Armenia by Anania Shiraka-tsi (7th c.), the Book of Canon Law, by Catholicos John of Otsoon (8th c.), and the Hymns in Five Units of Catholicos St. Nersess the Graceful (12th c.) are reviewed. The 1600th anniversary of the invention of the Armenian alphabet by St. Mesrob Mashtots, and the 500th Anniver-sary of the first printed Armenian books in 1512 by Hagop Megha-bard are included as important milestones in the Armenian litera-ture, crowned with the first printed Armenian Holy Bible by Vosgan Yerevantsi in 1666.

By:Fr. Zaven Arzoumanian, Ph.D.
Number Of Pages:241
Publisher:Western Diocese of the Armenian Church