Primate's Message on Veterans Day: Honor, Respect and Responsibility
Published - 10 November 2017

Our God-given lives are blessings graced upon us by the Almighty. In a world that often seems it runs too fast to stop and embrace God’s love, hope and peace, we ought to seriously ponder on the immensity of God’s gift. On Veterans Day, we remember with great fondness, pay homage and due respect with a humble heart those men and women who risked their lives to defend ours. On this Veterans Day, I call upon you to pause for a moment and pray for the men and women who are thousands of miles away from home, their families and loved ones. Tomorrow, they will not wake up to a warm breakfast with their families. On the contrary, they will wake up hours before sunrise in remote lands to prepare for the next military mission at hand.

These brave men and women possess an unparalleled sense of responsibility for the Constitution, their nation, families, and citizens. Let us adopt their unequaled sense of responsibility in our lives and pray that the Almighty grant them strength as they carry out their noble mission. We pray that each and every one of you return home safely.

God bless the Veterans!




Archbishop Hovnan Derderian