Critically Acclaimed Film Crows of the Desert is Being Featured at the Glendale International Film Festival
Published - 5 October 2017

The critically acclaimed film, "Crows of the Desert" is being featured at the ​Glendale International Film Festival: ​

October 14 - Pacific Theaters at the Americana at Brand.   6pm-8pm  

October 20 - UA 8 La Canada    4pm -6pm  

Q & A with filmmakers to follow screening

Crows of the Desert, produced by Paul Turpanjian, follows a hero's journey through the Armenian Genocide. This documentary is ​based on the Memoirs of Levon Yotnakhparian.  It is the incredible and​true story of one man’s brave struggle to not only stay alive, but to help save his fellow Armenian survivors from near extinction in the 20th Century’s first genocide.

The Glendale Film Festival has given some of their best time slots to Crows of the Desert. Please be supportive of this important film by attending.  ADVANCE ticket purchase​ (highly recommended)​ can be made at

​This film was shown at the Western Diocesan "Reclaim" 2017 Conference and since has been recognized at various film festivals. Your attendance at the Glendale Festival encourages organizers to further promote this important work.