Abp. Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund gives $53,000 to Armenian schools
Published - 1 September 2017

With the start of the scholastic year 2017-2018, the Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund committee is pleased to announce that over $53,000 allocated for scholarship has been distributed among six participating Armenian schools. The Armenian schools that benefit from the fund include Alfred and Marguerite Hovsepian School, AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School, AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School, The Armenian Sisters Academy of LA, Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School, and Sahag-Mesrob Christian School. Student recipients were selected from a pool of applicants from each school whose administration recognizes the necessity of scholarship and financial aid to assist Armenian schools in retaining student enrollment.

“The committee spent hours processing the applications and reviewing each case with an open mind,” said Mrs. Alice Chakrian, chair of the Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund committee. “Great care and earnest sensitivity toward each applicant was used in the selection process. We have bright students and we are pleased that the Fund will have a positive effect on the future generation of Armenians being raised and schooled in an Armenian environment.”

The Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund was established five years ago on the conviction that each and every Armenian student is entitled to an Armenian education within an Armenian school. The Fund is dedicated to helping Armenian students in financial need who are enrolled in an Armenian school through a scholarship and financial assistance program. Besides tuition assistance, the Fund sponsors an essay competition which offers outright non-need based monetary gifts to students enrolled in an Armenian school. Also part of the Fund’s program are Senior Graduation awards, presented to the graduating seniors selected by the school’s administration for exemplary Christian behavior and presented at their respective commencement ceremonies.

The Fund members are comprised of a cross-section of the Armenian community, with representation from the participating Armenian Schools.  "It is our intention to increase not only our donors and their pledges but also our endowment funds all in an effort to increase the moneys available for distribution to deserving needy families so that their children’s education can continue in an Armenian school," said Mrs. Angela Parseghian, one of the founding members of the Fund.  "Our goal is to solicit donors and in place of having a gala or a banquet as in the past, our intention is to put those moneys to good use by providing funding to those who need assistance," added Mrs. Silvana Vartanian, another Fund committee member.  

Since its inception five years ago, The Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund has proudly distributed over $200,000 in aid and scholarship to Armenian students. “It is wonderful to see how the scholarship fund has developed from inception to realization,” said Mrs. Chakrian. “Every year the funds have grown, and with the generous support of those who believe in the value of an education in our Armenian schools, we have multiplied our financial assistance and scholarships.”

The Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund Committee will continue its dedication to raising funds for the years to come through current and future pledges of the faithful. Members will reach out to the faithful community of individuals to lends a hand to a child in need so that not one child is left behind.  The Fund depends on donors and parents who have held with honor their pledges toward the Scholarship Fund. It is the mission of the committee to ensure that the Funds continue to grow, and to encourage others to contribute to the progress of Armenian students attending Armenian schools, Fund members will reach out to the faithful community of individuals asking them to lend a hand to a child in need so that not one child is left behind.

For more information and for donation inquiries, please contact Alice Chakrian at (818) 388-6734.