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22 October 2019
Freedom - A Privilege that Ought to be Cherished with Great Reverence
Published - 28 June 2019

Beloved faithful,

On the Fourth of July, we will celebrate America’s independence from Great Britain and will wish this great nation a Happy 243rd  Birthday. Independence Day presents us an opportunity to sit before the dinner table and express our wholehearted gratitude, through prayer, for the bounties graced upon us by the Almighty. Independence requires sacrifice and the greatest sacrifice one can offer is one’s life.

Freedom is a privilege that ought to be cherished with great reverence. Created in the image of God and with free will, let us free ourselves from the captivity of our smart phones and our constant yearning for the connectivity to social media that alienates us from human contact instead. Rather let us enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature wherein the greatness of God is revealed. Let us cherish the embrace of our loved ones for God’s love and mercy is boundless.

Have a Happy and Blessed 4th of July!     

Archbishop Hovnan Derderian