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22 September 2019
Official Press Release from the Parish Assembly of St. John Garabed Armenian Church of Hollywood
Published - 12 March 2019


RE: St. John Garabed Armenian Church and adjacent church banquet hall

Hollywood, CA, USA

March 11, 2019

‘No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money’ Matthew 6:24

The Annual Parish Assembly of St. John Garabed Armenian Church of Hollywood convened on February 17, 2019. As the highest authoritative body of the parish, the Assembly referenced to the legal proceedings pertaining to the church construction as well as the adjacent church banquet hall (Taglyan Cultural Complex).

More specifically, the Assembly officially announced the recommencement of the church construction in the near future.

In response to public interest, the Assembly made the following assertions:

  1. The catering company, which was allowed to use the banquet hall, is not the owner of the banquet hall, nor has it ever been. The catering company does not have any ownership or possessory rights to the banquet hall whatsoever.
  2. Despite the above mentioned, motivated by personal and business interests, a lawsuit was filed against the church, attempting to encroach on the legal rights of the institution. Consequently, the church filed an unlawful detainer suit.
  3. The Assembly and the legal counsel representing the case, disagree with the court’s latest ruling, which we consider a small setback. We will strongly continue to defend the rights of the church, utilizing all legal avenues.
  4. The Assembly vehemently condemned the deliberate misinformation and slander unleashed by a ‘smear merchant’ and their so-called media outlets.
  5. The Assembly expressed its full-fledged support of the Parish Council and the Parish Priest. 
  6. In response to circulating unsubstantiated information, innuendo, gossip and obvious lies, it was promised to address the public with factual evidence via television and other media sources on the issues pertaining to the church building and the adjacent church banquet hall after the closure of legal proceedings.

In conclusion, the Assembly exhorted the public not to yield to the falsified news disseminated by the hateful misinformation machine and not to give way to gossip and insults.

St. John Garabed Armenian Church has always been and continues to be accountable to its members and continues to fulfill its mission with full transparency in accordance with the By-Laws of the Western Diocese and the laws of the United States. Any individual or organization wishing to obtain clarifications or accurate information, may reach out to the Parish Council of St. John Garabed Armenian Church without any hesitation.

The Armenian Church will not stoop to the level of petty and misguided individuals. We will remain steadfast in our mission of serving our faithful.




‘Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.’ Romans 12:17