CEC Participates in All 4 Weeks of Hye Camp
Published - 24 August 2018

It was a great honor and privilege for the CEC to have been invited to the Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian Summer Camp to teach a morning class each week this past summer.  Our message to the campers centered on the importance of Sunday school and the Armenian Church in their lives and the great role it plays not only today, in the present, but also in the future and beyond.  We titled our lesson, "Tootsie Pop Faith:  The Heart and Soul of the Tootsie Roll!"   Using the tootsie pop lollipop, we discussed how present-day issues that our youth face in society today can affect and change our hearts.  We had an open dialogue about how it is hard to stay true to our morals and values when we are faced with life’s challenges, outside influences, and peer pressures.  We taught the campers that with faith, the Armenian Church, and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, they can overcome any obstacle with which them may be faced.  (If you had a child attend Hye camp this past summer, ask him/her about the 3 parts to the Tootsie Pop lollipop and how they represent overcoming life’s hard challenges by holding fast to God!)

Camp was an excellent opportunity and the perfect setting for the CEC to reach hundreds of children in a short period of time.  It is easy to feel God’s presence up at camp . . . we may feel Him in the warm mountain breeze, smell Him in the needles of the pine, and see Him in the glimmering water of the lakes.  What a blessing for our youth to have this amazing setting and opportunity to bring them closer to their Armenian religion and culture!  We wish to thank and congratulate the Camp Committee and all those who participated in providing such an excellent summer program for our children.

Gail Chelebian

CEC Chair