Western Diocese's CYMA Participants Team Up with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia to Help a Family in Aragatsotn Region
Published - 3 August 2018

On July 24-25, Our CYMA family joined Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team to help the Midoyan family of four from Tatul village,Aragatsotn region with the construction of their home. 

During the two-day collaboration, the groups did fantastic work passing buckets full of the gravel into the roof to insulate the roof.

With the CYMA and FCHA groups working side by side, the Midoyan’s dream of owning a home is today much closer to reality.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a small part of this families new home, we look forward to next year.

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CYMA-WD is a youth-based mission of the Western Diocese which allows Diocesan youth to discover their ancestral homeland through a month-long trip to Armenia through pilgrimage, internship and service.