28 July 2018
Primate Celebrant at St. Andrew Armenian Church in Cupertino
Published - 17 February 2017

On February 11, 2017, the Diocesan Primate presided over the Annual Banquet held at St. Andrew Armenian Church in Cupertino.

In his remarks, Archbishop Derderian commended the pastoral leadership of Archpriest Fr. Datev Harutyunian as well as the collective efforts of the auxiliary bodies in carrying out the mission of St. Andrew Armenian Church. His Eminence expressed his delight in witnessing the vibrancy and the harmonious life within the Parish.   

The festive event also honors members of the Armenian community in the Southern San Francisco Bay Area.  In recognition of her selfless service to rendered to St. Andrew Armenian Church, parishioner Karine Manoukian Wutrich was honored with the Diocesan Hye Spirit medal. Certificates of blessing and commendation were bestowed upon Sunday School Superintendent Mrs. Theresa Bezdikian as well as altar servers Deacon Shant Stephanian, Subdeacon Alec Yerganian, and Subdeacon Hrag Charekian. Establishing a new tradition in the life of the parish, Dr. and Mrs. Shahe and Ani Yenikomshian were honored by the Primate with a message of blessing as an exemplary Christian family. The parish family also welcomed the 29th President of San Jose State University Dr. Mary Papazian who was in attendance.

In his closing remarks, the Primate commended the St. Andrew Armenian Church parish for remaining a “beacon of the Christian faith” and home for the Armenian people in Santa Clara County.

On the following day, the Primate celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. Andrew Armenian Church.

The Primate’s homily was from the Gospel according to St. John “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval." (6:27). His Eminence spoke about spiritual renewal which ought to be followed by commitment and practice. “We, as the heirs of the first Christian nation must reclaim our ancestral Christian Faith and our sacred traditions. Christ is praised and glorified through our God-pleasing deeds,” said the Primate.

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Following the service, the faithful greeted the Primate wishing him continued success in his ministry.